Star Wars Episode VII: Heir to the Force

A new title, thanks to TM2YC :), requires some upkeep on my Star Wars Episode VII edit. Here are the new remastered trailer and updated poster and Blu Ray case. Hope you enjoy.



The most recent Edit list:

Objective: prolong Kylo Ren’s reveal, tighten up scenes by removing some dialogue and antics, and fix the ending.

  1. Added New title card based on current logo
  2. Added custom ROTJ style disclaimer
  3. Added DigModiFicaTion Logo
  4. Added Custom Walt Disney 20th Century Fox title card with 20th Century Fox fanfare
  5. Replaced opening crawl music with opening crawl music from Episode IV
  6. Replaced crawl with custom “Heir to the Force” crawl
  7. Removed Poe’s “so who talks first…..” lines
  8. Clipped Poe’s line as he is forcefully picked up, now it sounds like he was going to start saying something but the jolt of being hoisted up stops him.
  9. Replaced Video when Kylo Ren says “put him on board”; Video is a slightly cropped/zoomed shot where Kylo Ren is standing still vs the movement in the theatrical cut
  10. Removed Kylo Ren’s “comfortable?” line and Poe’s response during Poe’s interrogation scene
  11. Transition to next scene before Unkar Plott pulls down the window on his other customers
  12. Cut Poe and Finn’s conversation after Finn says “Because it’s the right thing to do”
  13. Removed Finn firing on and killing Stormtroopers and the traffic control room
  14. Cut Finn and Poe’s celebration after blowing up a turret
  15. Cut Kylo Ren saying “FN-2187” (even for a Sith lord, that is unbelievable)
  16. Moved “Sir, ventral cannons hot” further up in the audio mix of the scene and cut the Star Trek-esque turret scene down. Now they just fire
  17. Cut the tie fighter blowing up after sinking in the sand
  18. Cut Finn’s “this is what we look like, some of us” lines
  19. Cut Rey’s “No” when responding to Finn’s “You ever fly this thing?” line
  20. Cut Finn and Rey’s “I can do this” lines when they first get into the Falcon
  21. Removed the Falcon taking a nose dive into the sand upon take off
  22. Cut Rey’s line “I’m going low”
  23. Replaced new Millennium Falcon turret sfx with OT turret sfx in chase scene
  24. Replaced audio of Finn cursing after the impact with a grunt (yes I know the originals had cursing, but this is just a personal preference)
  25. Cut scenes of scavengers when the first tie fighter is shot down
  26. Cut the JJ Abrams zoom when the Falcon flies into the downed Star Destroyer’s engines
  27. Cut Finn and Rey’s excessive teenage celebration after they make it to space
  28. Reworked scene in order to remove Kylo Ren’s tantrum when the officer reports on not getting the droid
  29. Cut Finn’s line “you got a boyfriend?”
  30. Cut scene of Finn childishly pushing down on Rey’s head
  31. Added Red Gradient glow to mimic the overhead light and connect the edited scene visually
  32. Cut down the Rathtar scene; Han and Chewie run down a corridor, they turn, Chewie is hit, hand blasts the raiders, Rey and Finn pop up from the hatch, Han shoots the door and yells “come on!”
  33. Cut mention of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon from Snoke’s dialogue
  34. Added hologram effect to Snoke
  35. Cut scene of Ren standing up after talking to Vader’s mask in order to use it later in film.
  36. Added Darth Vader breathing sfx when his mask is revealed after Ren talks to it.
  37. Cut down Chewie grabbing Finn and Finn saying “but that’s ok”
  38. Added lightsaber sfx and enhanced (echo & reverb) Vader lines “You are not a Jedi yet” and “You don’t know the power of the dark side” along with the Emperor’s laugh to Rey’s force vision
  39. Added SWTFUII Terror on the Salvation cue to Hux’s speech
  40. Cut Han’s no look shot and use of Chewbacca’s crossbow and subsequent “I like this” line
  41. Cut the continuous pan of Poe’s X-Wing flying, now cuts to Rey right after Finn blasts the second Stormtrooper.
  42. Cut Han’s lines about seeing their son; he now says “I saw him, he was here”
  43. Cut Poe’s references to his jacket when talking to Finn
  44. Cut scenes with the nurse and Chewbacca
  45. Added R2-D2 visually to the checking the map sequence; also added Artoo beeps and sad sounds; he is now seen, heard, active and present
  46. Cut scene where Artoo is uncovered by 3P0 and all dialogue about Artoo being asleep.
  47. Edited Han to say “I know everytime you think about Lukeyou’re reminded of him”
  48. Cut Leia’s lines about their son’s training, Snoke, and Han being able to help because he’s Ben’s father.
  49. Cut Kylo Ren’s “you’re my guest” line, now he just coldly stares at Rey
  50. Repurposed shots of helmeted Kylo Ren and composited/combined others in order to have Ren Masked.
  51. Edited audio to simulate Ren’s helmeted voice.
  52. Added subtle audio of Vader breathing when Rey reveals that Kylo Ren is afraid and the connection is severed
  53. Repurposed and replaced shots (cropped and speed) during Snoke conversation as to have Kylo Ren hooded and masked.
  54. Digitally painted hooded and masked Kylo Ren into the far shots when Hux is walking away.
  55. Removed Han’s “so it’s big” line
  56. Removed Han’s “there’s always a way to do that” line after asking how to blow it up. Removed Leia’s “Han’s right” line
  57. Removed Leia’s lines about bringing their son home; inserted shot of Han’s face when she would have been talking
  58. Horizontally flipped the scene where the stormtroopers are looking for Rey and everyone is obviously left handed
  59. Cut scene where Han asks Finn what his job was and their verbal altercation; it’s a gag to set up a later gag and slows down the movement of the narrative
  60. Cut Finn’s “you remember me” lines and scene with Phasma; took Han’s advice and brought it down 😉
  61. Cut Rey crawling into the space that soon will squash her; now she just begins to descend down the wall
  62. Cut Finn threatening to blow Phasma’s bucket off
  63. Reinstated the Kylo visits the Falcon deleted scene (cropped out timestamps) and added the “The Bombing Run” cue from the FYC version of the soundtrack.
  64. Cut Finn’s lines about not being ready and his head nod “what’s that” lines
  65. Horizontally flipped scene where x-wing crashes into the snow and Han, Fin, Rey, and Chewie run into the frame and stop. (The next scene contradicts the placement of the characters)
  66. Added a combination of the cue Finn’s Trek and Finn and Poe Reunited from the FYC Star Wars TFA soundtrack along with the Han and Leia cue to the Catwalk scene
  67. Added The Force Unleashed (Infiltrating the Junk Temple) during Finn and Kylo Ren’s duel
  68. Removed the ground ripping apart separating Rey and Kylo Ren; superimposed same shot of Rey and Kylo Ren when Rey shuts down her light saber looking across ravine at Kylo Ren. Now the two cropped images meet removing the gaping hole.
  69. Cut first order officer going AWOL, the scene cuts to Hux and Snoke before the officer speaks
  70. Added hologram effect to Snoke
  71. Cropped video to exclude Chewbacca from the background when Leia walks towards Rey; we can imply that Chewbacca hugged her or whatever
  72. Leia’s hug with Rey stays; it’s easy to explain, Leia knows how much Han meant to her, “Han told me about the girl” (Rey) and she (Rey) needed that one person who understood to be there for her
  73. Added composite of Artoo’s eye being active when he is supposed to be waking up.
  74. Cut 3P0’s line “R2-D2 you’ve come back!” when approaching R2; he now says “Come along you two” (taken from the 2016 Oscars speech)
  75. Edited 3P0’s lines to say “Artoo may contain some much needed good news” instead of “Artoo D2 may…”
  76. Cut 3P0’s line “how I’ve missed you”
  77. Cut scenes of Rey arriving on planet to find Luke; I used the force theme from the end of the movie to make the famous iris ending and fanfare occur right as the Millennium Falcon enters hyperspace; also added various sound effects for the Millennium Falcon, crowd, and Chewbacca during takeoff.
    (The reason for this particular decision was to mirror the OT in how they end. The OT trilogy ended two ways, a victorious celebration (IV and VI) or an adventurous plan set in motion (V). Showing Luke at the end of the movie is like showing scenes of Han frozen in carbonite in the trunk of Slave I. The scene with Luke doesn’t really advance the story and it removes the sense of episodic closure the OT accomplished with each episode. We know that there will be a Star Wars VIII, we know that Luke will be in it, we didn’t see Luke the entire movie, why not just wait? He was in the movie to sell the movie. I’m already sold on the movie, so out he goes so that we can focus on Rey, Ren, and Fin.)
  78. Revised “edited by” credits to add Fanedited by DigModiFicaTion
  79. Added “A DigModiFicaTion” after “A Bad Robot Production”
  80. Added logo, DigModiFicaTion logo, and special thanks section to credits

Original Run Time 2:18:06
Edit Run Time 2:08:23

Special Thanks (in alphabetical order):
Canon Editor
Force Ghost Recon
Imperial Fighter
Original Trilogy Fan
That OT Ruler

Walt Disney and LucasFilms ltd
the and communities

and my family, who put up with me through this whole process


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