The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen


The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen is my upcoming fanfix of the 1990 Disney classic Shipwrecked directed by Nils Gaup and starring Gabriel Byrne and Stian Smestad.

Check it out at imdb.

I completed this fanfix some time ago, but after reading about PAL conversion and proper DVD ripping over at, I’ve decided that my version needs a remaster. I’ll be naming it The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen. This edition will feature the PAL widescreen edition (NTSC is 4:3) with the main cut being the removal of the gorilla from the island.


I will be using a modified version of the international poster for the dvd case and poster art. Here’s a slightly altered international poster for my upcoming Håkon Håkonsen fanfix. Stay tuned for updates.

Coming Q1 2017

Original International Poster                                                                                Original poster



Modified Versionadventures20of20hakon20hakonsen_zpscxtoxgnm

Sharpen filter to add definition to picture




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