Heir to the Force v1.1

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Well it’s been a long 7-8 months, but this edit is finally done….for now. I cannot express enough gratitude towards all those who have contributed in any shape or form. Members from Fanedit.org and Originaltrilogy.com have been integral in the development of this project.

This edit has 2 main purposes

  1. Prolong the reveal of Kylo Ren’s parentage as to create a sense of mystery
  2. Remove some of the more over the top levity in certain characters

This edit also reinstates some OT sfx (Falcon turrets) and removes Luke Skywalker’s presence at the end of the film.

Further information about this edit can be found here: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/star-wars-heir-to-the-force/

A DLC container file is available to those who own the source material.

A streaming option is also available.

You MUST own the original version of this film in order to view this and any other fanedit.

The below media are examples of the Blu Ray case, disc, and menusHttF BR Case 1HttF BR Case 2HttF BR Case 4

HttF BR Case 3heirtotheforce_coverart_5Cover (Outside) v2



3 thoughts on “Heir to the Force v1.1

  1. Hey there kind fan editor. I’ve been racking my brain on and off for months trying to figure out how to actually download this edit. I own the movie, is there a way to prove that? Or is there a link I’m missing? Your particular edit looks really legit. How do I watch it?


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