Rise of the Rebellion : A Rogue One Edit


RotR Poster medium

I genuinely enjoyed Rogue One. After The Empire Strikes Back, it is my favorite Star Wars film. There are however a few nitpicks I have about it. Some of them are the skin tone of Tarkin, Bor Gullet, planet cards, some of the soundtrack, no crawl, etc.  Also, I plan to make this Episode III in the saga and create two Obi-Wan focused prequels (if possible or If I can stand them).

*Please be advised, to watch these or any fanedit, YOU MUST OWN THE ORIGINAL SOURCE MATERIAL

Change List:
  1. New title cards
  2. Custom Crawl
  3. Custom pan down and Krennic shuttle flying towards Lah’mu
  4. Removed Saw opening up hatch to find Jyn
  5. Removed Rogue One Title card, now hard cuts to Jyn waking up as if she was dreaming
  6. Removed planet card intro on Cassian’s introduction, it now does a downward pan wipe
  7. Cropped Jedah planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  8. Added iris wipe transition to Jyn’s rescue
  9. Cropped Yavin and Rebel Alliance planet cards to remove text
  10. Removed second Bodhi scene where he meets Saw
  11. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  12. Removed Bor Gullet
  13. Added tie sfx to transition from K2 to Jedha pan shot
  14. Removed Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
  15. Added Battlefront Imperial track to Rebel ambush
  16. Shortened Chirrut’s acrobatics and removed his “is your foot alright?” line and human shield antics
  17. Removed the cut to Jyn and Cassian to connect the continuous shot where Baze fires at the stormtroopers
  18. Removed Chirrut’s “are you kidding me? I’m blind” line
  19. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones during Jedah DS firing sequence
  20.  Cropped Edu planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  21. Rescored Rebel Alliance meeting with Force theme
  22. Removed Bodhi’s stuttering when asked who is stealing the imperial ship
  23. Cropped Scarrif planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  24. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  25. Cropped scene with R2 and 3P0 to remove them from the shot and reworked surround track to eliminate their dialogue
  26. Rescored Star Destroyer collision (Scrambling the Rebel Fleet & airplane collision/crash sfx)
  27. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  28. Trimmed Vader’s awkward hand gesture of choking rebel soldier and then motioning to fling him to the side. (it just looks too fan filmy for me)
  29. Color corrected Leia’s skin tones
  30. Fixed audio volume transition into credits
  31. Added custom edited/fanedited credits
  32. Added custom title cards to ending

Disc Art

Disc small


Here’s a draft for a crawl. I also have attempted to introduce Krennic’s shuttle approaching Lah’mu to deal with the pan up situation. It’s still in draft form but here it is.

Tarkin & Leia Skin Regrade

Tarkin looked off, understandably as he had a CGI face, but the flesh tones were off too. 

As you can see, Tarkin has more yellow in his flesh and doesn’t have that wet sheen either. While I couldn’t take out the sheen as much, I did apply a subtle recoloring to his skin using a secondary color corrector in Vegas (see video below). This was one of my first times using the secondary color corrector and I learned a lot. Due to the fact that the flesh tone mask bled over into the other faces on in the scene, this edit required extensive keyframing using a cookie cutter filter.

And the same idea with the clip of Leia

Side by side comparison clip

Star Destroyer Rescored

The original version of this scene has the melancholy Rogue One que. I remember being enthralled by the visuals, but the music was just wrong. Here’s the original cut.


And here is the rescored version using Giacchino’s Rebel theme.


If you haven’t watched this awesome analysis of Giacchino’s Rogue One score, I’d highly recommend it.

The idea of Giacchino using the Rebel theme at key moments of Rebel victory or introduction to connect to the OT guided my thoughts on this rescore. My thoughts on his score have greatly improved after watching this video and he’s brilliance as a composer has been reaffirmed. Imagine what he could do with a little more time. Here’s hoping we hear his music in the stars again.



17 thoughts on “Rise of the Rebellion : A Rogue One Edit

  1. Please consider deleting “Episode III” from the Rise of the Rebellion crawl. Otherwise, viewers will initially think it is a Revenge of the Sith edit. Maybe you could insert “Story I”.

    Perhaps, you should leave it blank and omit any reference to its saga position, which could change in the future. We know there will be other spin-offs. So it is hard to know if it should eventually be called, “Episode III.I” or “Episode III.II”. Either way, please alter it.


      1. Thank you for providing an explanation. It may help viewers if you insert a simple message that explains the new saga sequence. Then fade to black for a 3 – 4 seconds before the famous, “A long time ago…” introduction. It will be cleaner that way and should avoid any confusion.

        I would like to see your cut list for the prequel edits. On IFDB, Octoroxx has some excellent ideas for parts I & II, which they have borrowed from other editors. I think Octoroxx is still working on part III. You might want to share some ideas together.

        Have you seen Jeremy M. West-Esquire’s Anti-Cheese edits? He worked wonders with The Phantom Menace and it is my favourite of his three efforts. I was impressed by the way he raised the pitch of Natalie Portman’s voice. She became far more sympathetic.

        I wish you good luck with Rise of the Rebellion. I really enjoyed Heir to the Force!


      2. Thanks BRAINYBRAD. I too am a fan of the anticheese edits. One of my favorite episode 1 edits is secior’s Return of the Sith. I’ll look into Octoroxx’s lists and see what I might borrow. This edit is almost done. I may make a post about episodes 1 & 2 to get ideas from everyone. Thanks again for your thoughts and interest.

        Super glad to hear you enjoyed Heir to the Force. If you get a moment and haven’t already done so, feel free to leave a review over at https://ifdb.fanedit.org/star-wars-heir-to-the-force/

        Thanks again 🙂


  2. Jyn dying is critical to the narrative. Without sacrifice, it trivializes the effort and applies the ‘everyone wins’ hollywood outcome. I love your edit list, but letting them die with honor made the movie more powerful than a narrow escape


  3. I watched your edit yesterday and I like what I saw but I already liked the original so I don’t have anything bad to say about the edit, except maybe for the title “Rise of the Rebellion”. In my opinion, “Rogue One” sounds better since the rebellion is already in operation so there’s no “rise” at all. Thank you again!


    1. Thanks again for watching my edits and sharing your thoughts. I too liked the original cut. I felt like the Rebellion wasn’t fully functioning in this movie. Yes they had formed, but they weren’t unified enough to be a legitimate threat. Rogue One is that moment when they cross over from being a bunch of separatists (in the eyes of the Empire) to becoming a revolutionary force to overthrow the Empire. Rise of the Rebellion was chosen to symbolize that final step.

      Thank you again for your interest and support! 🙂


  4. Making the film more serious is exactly what it needed, but there does need to be a little humor here and there to break some tension.
    Thank you for removing the cameos. They always seemed to break the movie for me.
    I’ll be keeping this one to watch in place of the original from now on.


    1. Thank you Patrick. I greatly appreciate your feedback! After looking over the film the other day, I’ve decided to remove one more some-what of a cameo (Red 5) and then calling it good for this edit. Glad you enjoyed the edit 🙂


  5. Are you going to correct the position of the Death Star? The Jedha scenes keep showing it upside down even though people say there’s no such thing in space.


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