Fanedit Ideas

This post is simply to share some of the ideas I have for future edits. It’s a place that I’d love to get feedback and collaborate ideas.
Here is a list of fanedit ideas that I have.

Cyan = completed
Green = working on
Yellow = some work done
Red = idea

  • Star Wars Ep VII – TFA Heir to the Force (prolonged reveal)
  • Shipwrecked – Håkon Håkonsen widescreen Remaster (PAL source), no gorilla
    • attempt to utilize the PAL surround track if possible
  • Fievel Goes West – widescreen Remaster (PAL source)
  • Star Trek VI – hybrid cut, remove flashbacks
  • The Martian – the Lazarus mission montage
    • Regrade and add some grain to the image to simulate film
  • Star Trek Into Darkness – the John Harrison cut or Joachim cut
    • This edit would remove all references to Cumberbatch being Kahn. It will either retain his identity as John Harrison, or attempt to make his character into Joachim (Kahn’s 2nd in command)
  • Tin Tin – the 2D animated movie (tv series source)
    • Using the tv series as a source to remake the CGI movie story
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – no forest body cams
    • Remove the odd camera work in the forest as well as removing some of Moriarty’s fish hook psychotics
  • SW Prequels – the completely cut 0 minute edition
  • The Legend of Zorro – sobered up edition
    • I never can take this movie seriously because everyone is drunk, whining, or engaged in childish antics. This edit would tone all of that down
  • A Knight’s Tale – less cheeky edition
    • like it says, Chaucer’s cheeks will be gone from the movie
  • Star Wars Read Along Saga – moving pictures edition
    • create a moving pictures story book of the movies
  • Tron –  Daft Punk’d edition
  • Mission Impossible: Chimera – less Woo and MTV feel
    • Remove the doves, slow mo shots, and ridiculous romantics
  • Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol – less funny, more serious
  • The Hobbit Trilogy – The version that is pretty much the same as your version but I like this version better version
  • Meet Joe Black – sleepless in Manhattan
    • removing Joe (Death) sleeping with Susan
  • That Thing You Do – Hybrid cut
    • adding scenes that involve Guy and Faye, adding some extended shots back in, extra shots of the band pre-performance at the Vicksburg
  • Indiana Jones and The Lost Sankara StonesHD edition
    • Tightened up beginning, no bugs, snakes, or brains at dinner, removed scenes of children being beaten, remove Indy drinking the blood and becoming mind controlled (he now is forced to watch Willie’s execution until short round creates a diversion)
  • Remember the Titans – Hybrid cut
    • adding in deleted scenes
  • Rango – Hybrid cut
    • a mix of the theatrical and extended editions
  • The Dark Knight Rises – no Talia twist
    • Removing the Talia subplot, now Bane is the child that escaped and the only vilian
  • Star Wars : Clone Wars (Tartakovsky) symphonic cut
    • replacing the soundtrack with John Williams’ score
  • The Walk – no narration cut
  • Batman Mask of the Phantasm – 2 pt TV cut
    • pan and scan 4:3 full frame 2 part episodes
  • The Illusionist – lighter ending
    • the prince does not commit suicide anymore
  • Star Trek Generations – 2 pt TV cut
    • pan and scan 4:3 full frame 2 part episodes
  • Knight and Day – Mission Impossible cut
  • The Black Hole – Faster, more intense
  • Ocean’s 12 – salvaged
  • SW Prequels – Obi-Wan – A Star Wars Story
    • removing mentions of Anakin as much as possible. He will simply be his “young padawan” in Episode II, possibly will remove the duel at the end of III as well.
  • Mission impossible: Cold Fusion – The Saint reimagined as a Mi movie
    • replace the score with Mi score and remove overly silly scenes
  • Prince Caspian – No Castle assault fanfix
  • Indiana Jones w/ Star Wars Soundtrack
  • Star Wars w/ Indiana Jones Soundtrack
  • Bourne Trilogy (Steady Cam Edit)
  • Star Wars TV series cut
    • So now that we are getting tons of Star Wars movies,  I’ve been entertaining a Star Wars TV series cut. The idea would be to highlight planetary stories,  when possible. Editing would focus on 25-30min episodes or longer if I can cut it. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or interest post your ideas.Star Wars TV series

      Season One: The Republic
      Episode One: Naboo
      Episode Two: Tatooine
      Episode Three: Coruscant
      Episode Four: Kamino
      Episode Five: Geonosis
      Episode Six: Kashyk
      Episode Seven: Mustafar

      Part 1: Jeddah
      Part 2: Scarif

      Season Two: The Empire
      Episode One: Tatooine – Home
      Episode Two: Death Star
      Episode Three: Hoth
      Episode Four: Dagoba
      Episode Five: Bespin
      Episode Six: Tatooine – Escape
      Episode Seven: Endor
      Episode Eight: Death Star II

      Season Three: The First Order
      Episode One: The Map
      Episode Two: Takodana
      Episode Three: Starkiller


7 thoughts on “Fanedit Ideas

    1. The material would be from the live action films. The season/episode format in the post is one iteration of this idea, but I haven’t completely hashed out the idea completely yet.
      Thanks for your comment Andreas!


  1. Star Trek Generations – 2 pt TV cut

    I’ve done that with the Kirk story and it works quite well, although the jump to the Nexus is a bit quick.
    Also tried the TNG part with no Kirk and it’s doable. Picard vs Sauron solo fight works, but it’s a bit rushed and weak as an action climax. I’ve managed to do a much tighter saucer section crash segment. Works best a bit latter on the movie also.

    My suggestion would be to recut centering the film on TNG. Perhaps go to Enterprise B as a short flashback or “archival footage” when Sauron’s past is mentioned. And add some flyby views of the Enterprise D!

    I’ve managed to do a much tighter saucer section crash segment. Works best a bit latter on the movie also. Don’t mind sharing what I have it you are interested…


    1. Interesting ideas 4THROCK. There is a Kirkless Generations edit that I have really enjoyed that would probably serve as the foundational idea base. I’d also want it to remain in the TNG.


  2. I would like to suggest a fan edit from this editor njvc.

    Title: The dark knight saga recut_Part III

    I consider it an EXCELLENT cut which turns a poor movie with terrible hole plots and pace unbalance into a nice end of the trilogy. I strongly encourage you to take a look and take inspiration in that cut and try to polish. The only downside I found was the lack of bluray format. Hope you get cool ideas from it.

    P.O. You did an excellent work with the heir of the force. My most sincere congratulations. I found amazing how you delete 5 min of footage make some adjustments and turn outs in a completely different and GOOD film. Keep up the hard work 😉 I really enjoy how you faneditors fix movies that were meant to be good entries but eventually they failed because of the inconsistency of the plot or poor assembly



    1. Thank you for your thoughts MENT_91! I too enjoy njvc’s Dark Knight trilogy. I’ve talked with him in the past about ideas in fact. I had begun working on a TDKR edit about 3 years ago, but suffered a computer failure and lost my project files. The main intent was to remove Bane breaking Batman’s back, removed Talia, and to remove some of the more grotesque violence and language.
      The two videos below were drafts of the first duel with Bane and the removal of Talia from the climax of the movie. Miranda Tate never is revealed as Talia nor is their a scene where she arrives to save Bane.

      I plan to revisit this edit in the future after Rise of the Rebellion and Shipwrecked are 100% finished and released. Again, thank you for your interest and support! I’m super happy you enjoyed Heir to the Force and greatly appreciate your feedback!


  3. The Tintin idea would be great, am actually considering with permission to attempt myself. Sadly have only recently started fanediting… The Prince Caspian edit (no castle raid) sounds great same with the Indianna Jones and Star Wars Soundtrack swap, it would work in a lot of places… if you want to be efficient 🙂 combine star wars one death star with Indianna Jones soundtrack in a TV series form. Boom multi-tasking… 🙂


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