Clearing up Red Eyes and a more Ethical Retreat : Rise of the Rebellion

Well, I still have a couple of weeks before my self imposed deadline of July, so I thought I’d mess around with a couple of extra ideas for this edit.

First up: Clear Eyes


Vader’s eyes are extremely red in Rogue One. So, taking a nod from Mr. Ben, I’ve applied a little treatment and voila! No more red 🙂


Here is the original for comparison.

This de-reddening color correction has also been applied to the two scenes when he arrives at Scarif on the Devestator. Oddly enough, the final scene when he looks out at the Tantive does not have the red eye treatment.

Next up: A More Ethical Retreat for Cassian.

While I believe Cassian’s execution of Tivik the rebel informant is important character development, it stills leaves a sour taste in my mouth when I watch it. This side of his character is integral to his character arc, but I think the scenes on Edu along with Chirrut’s dialogue are nearly just as strong. So, here’s a more ethical retreat of our hero.

Here is the original for comparison.


All that is left is to make cover art. The July release will not include the Survivor cut of this edit, as I don’t yet have all of the materials I need to make it work.


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