Rise of the Rebellion: RELEASED

Rise of the Rebellion is now complete and available to view for those who own the original movie.

There are two options for viewing:

  1. 15gb 1080p MP4 file (stream/download)
  2. BD-25 with menus and scene selection

*Both will feature a 5.1 surround track.

If you own the original source and would like to view this edit, please use the contact page.

Happy viewing!


ROTR BR CASE 3Disc small


4 thoughts on “Rise of the Rebellion: RELEASED

  1. It was great to wake up this morning and see your Tweet about the release of Rise of the Rebellion. I’ve sent you a message requesting MP4 download details 🙂


  2. Just finished watching this superb edit. I knew I was in-tune with the editors vision as his opening crawl is spookily similar to my own (though I still prefer mine lol). Seamless trims and adjustments throughout the edit just help the flow of the movie, in particular the first half.

    As with Heir Of The Force, DigModification has proven to be my editor of choice with these new Star Wars movies. Great job 🙂

    Just for fun, here’s my Crawl:
    The powerful grip of the GALACTIC EMPIRE
    holds the galaxy in fear. The Clone Wars
    fought by the Jedi Order are now a faint
    memory and ruthless Imperial forces control
    every star system.

    With the Jedi hunted to extinction by
    Darth Vader at the request of the Emperor,
    the renamed IMPERIAL SENATE is all that
    remains of the Old Republic.

    With rebellious factions gaining support within
    the Senate, ORSON KRENNIC, Director of
    Imperial Weapons Research hunts down a
    missing scientist who can complete the Empire’s
    most dangerous weapon, and extinguish all hope
    of freedom for the galaxy…

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  3. My apologies if I missed your messages/requests. We have been moving this past week. I did get a few replies returned saying addresses didn’t exist. If you did not get a reply please accept my sincere apology and send another comment. Thank you all for your interest and support! 🙂


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