Heir to the Force wins Fanedit of the Month

A HUGE thank you to everyone who encouraged, inspired and shared positive vibes during the creation of this edit. Your supports were felt all the way through the process and helped me to complete this. Thank you! 🙂



One thought on “Heir to the Force wins Fanedit of the Month

  1. Although I am alittle late on this, last night I just watched Heir To The Force which I really enjoyed but I would like to see an updated version with a few more cuts which aren’t really big. A few I can think of is the opening crawl. While this is considered Part VII, after watching it in the theater’s like most SW fans, after awhile I’ve come to realized that with the number of scenes that are copied from the original and with the some within the SW community referring this to as a reboot of sorts I would have to concur and would leave the Episode VII out of the title altogether and just leave it as Heir To The Force after the Star Wars fade out. I only say this cause I consider this to be a start of a new trilogy even though it has well known characters that many of the fans already know but I feel that Lucas said it best in one of his interviews that he had completed his vision of the entire SW story with Return Of The Jedi after he had made the prequel trilogies. Also there seems to be alot of Finn having the same facial expression throughout the movie which gets annoying and doesn’t help the character look good but I would have to watch it and look at certain time frames this occurs, I would leave it to you on which scenes to cut if that’s even something to think about doing? I know a few that come to mind are when he first does it and is questioned by Captain Phasma and the other is while him and Poe are trying to escape.

    At the beginning when Rey is talking to BB-8 I would also cut out her entire “No” part cause it doesn’t sound good. I am sure there are other parts but I would have to watch it again to figure out more since those are off the top of my head. I have only seen this twice. Once in the theater which should have been better and your version which is more tolerable. One of the better tweaks I’d like to point out is the rework of Kylo Ren’s tantrum which doesn’t make him look like some whiny kid who just lost his favorite toy so thanks for that. While this is was a short scene, I consider this almost up there with the whole “Han Shot First” which to me when I was watched it made Ren look weak so thanks for that. While people left you there reviews on the fanedit.org site I figured just to leave one here.

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