Blender: Your FREE All Purpose Media Editor

About 6 months ago I introduced myself to the GNU GPL program Blender. After a short round of getting used to it, I was able to produce the Custom Crawl Creator that allowed me to finally create crawls that were more in line to the format of the originals. I’ve always wondered if Blender could be utilized as a NLE, then our new found friend @”Habe” (feel free to chime in here sir) listed Blender as his video editor. Needless to say, I finally did some google searching (I highly recommend using google to seek out answers) and found this AMAZING 30 video tutorial that teaches us how to use Blender as a NLE.
So, if you are looking for an all in one media editor (there will be videos about importing audio as well) that is absolutely FREE. Strap on your learning boots, do some homework, and utilize this amazing resource.
Happy editing everyone!
Blender Video Editing Playlist by Mikeycal Meyers (30 videos):

Another resource Video about Video Editing

Here are some tutorials about importing/exporting audio in Blender


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