CBR names Rise of the Rebellion a Fan Edit that Blows Away the Original

Rise of the Empire Logo1

A Huge Thank You to the crew at CBR for featuring Rise of the Rebellion! Check out their full story: Supercuts: 15 Movie Fan Edits That Blow The Originals Away at the link below.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is considered by most to be a pretty great film and a worthy entry into the Star Wars universe. For some people, though, it didn’t quite feel like a Star Wars film. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it was trying to set itself apart, but it still begs the question of how it would stand up if the style was more in line with the rest of the saga.

Rise of the Rebellion is a pretty light edit, mostly aiming to make it feel more in line with other Star Wars films by making slight changes like adding an opening crawl and removing the planet title cards. It also restores the deleted scenes to fill narrative holes. The best change, however, is some minor color correction to the Tarkin and Leia CGI models that make them look a thousand times more realistic.”

If you haven’t yet seen Rise of the Rebellion, check it out HERE

Seen it already? Leave a review HERE


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