Tuneskit: Free your iTunes Media


If you’re like me and were excited about the possibilities digital media offered when digital copies were first introduced, then you are also pretty frustrated like I am with how it has all panned out. I remember entering my first digital codes and then when I had my copies downloaded I was unable to play them on my devices unless I had specific software. Worst yet, my files had all been DRM protected. This meant I couldn’t access my own media for my own use. Essentially this protection makes you view the content in a controlled way, their way.

I’m a faneditor. That means that I buy and appreciate the media that is put out by the big studios and labels, but I want the freedom to mess with my media as I desire. DRM gets in the way of my creative viewing experience. Enter Tuneskit.

Tuneskit is a one stop DRM remover for all of my iTunes media. Its interface is simple and straightforward making it super easy to use. The number one reason I like it is that it retains 100% of the the picture and audio quality of the movies I purchase. Too often other converters are unable to match the quality of the source material leaving me with a subpar product that is unsatisfactory. This isn’t the case here. Tuneskit removes the DRM and leaves the quality intact.


Tuneskit also allows you to tailor your audio and subtitle preferences. If you want a true 1:1 copy of your media, just open Tuneskit and convert. If you’d like to just have a particular audio channel and/or subtitle track, just click on the simple drop down menus and deselect the audio/subtitles that you do not want. Voila! It’s really that easy. Tuneskit also lets you identify the output folder and output type (lossless MP4 or M4V).

How to use Tuneskit

  1. go to and download the latest tuneskit
  2. install Tuneskit on your system
  3. makes sure you have iTunes installed on your system
    1. download your purchased videos into your iTunes library folder
  4. load the Tuneskit program
  5. click “add files” and select the video from your purchased iTunes library
  6. select the features you’d like to be in your resulting file
  7. select the output file type and folder
  8. click convert
  9. enjoy your freed video file
  10. repeat as needed

Tuneskit is a must for those with digital copies that want the freedom to choose the method and device they playback their media on. If you are like me and like to mess around with your purchased media, or maybe you just want to watch your shows on your non specific device, Tuneskit can help free up your media and allow you the power to choose. I’m choosing Tuneskit.


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