The Last Jedi: What’s Your Edit Wish list?

Twenty minutes before the first showing of The Last Jedi, I got a message from Jacob over at BanthaFodder to ask when I was going to see The Last Jedi. I didn’t plan to see it opening night or even opening week due to some life events that were occurring, but the question spurred me on to check Fandango just to see if the place had sold out. To my astonishment, there was an open seat third row up from the main seats and almost exactly in the center. Needless to say, I snagged it. I needed the break. So off I went, by myself.

I had attempted to go in to this one blind, but gave in and watched some trailers. I was worried after seeing those trailers as the movie looked like it had a slight color grade and a very artsy look to it. Sitting there, I attempted to push all of those preworries out of the way and enjoy the spectacle, that is until the first scenes.

I thought I was watching a verizon commercial as Poe spoke or rather taunted General Hux. Not 3 minutes into the movie and my fears were coming true.

There are so many things about this movie that I was left wondering what the editing process and criteria were. This movie felt like a pretty good Star Wars story (Rey, Ren, Luke) with a syfy level quality story attached to it (Leia, Poe, Finn, Rose). The first story was pretty great, but I found myself having the same feelings as I did and still do when I try to watch the prequels as I was watching the Resistance scenes play out. I’m hoping to find the diamond in the rough of this one with the edit that will inevitably follow the home release of this movie.

I want to hear from you!

What did you think of the movie?

What did you like/love?

What did you not like?

What is your TLJ edit wish list?

Share your thoughts and edit wish lists using the comment button.

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5 thoughts on “The Last Jedi: What’s Your Edit Wish list?

  1. Here’s some great writing and viewing that I apprecaited after seeing the film, as they’ll express my thoughts better than I can. And save me some time too. 😉

    ‘The Last Jedi’ Doesn’t Care What You Think About ‘Star Wars’ – And That’s Why It’s Great

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Disappointing?

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Bother Some People. Good.


    Even Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Thinks “Your Snoke Theory Sucks”

    THE LAST JEDI DOESN’T SUCK, WE SUCK!!! (over an hour of rambling but some of the best insights I’ve heard about this movie so far)

    I also enjoyed Jenny Nicholson’s vid. More of a humourous one. Less essential.

    As for my personal quibbles.
    The Poe-Hux interaction didn’t bother me so much, I felt it was in-character for Poe considering he is similarly snarky to Kylo in TFA, that said, perhaps the joke was drawn out a little too long…

    I think the Canto Bight storyline is integral to the film’s themes and story, it should be trimmed but not excised.

    BB8s scenes annoyed me, too wacky and unrealistic of a droid. For example, on Poe’s X-Wing, instead of having a million arms he should have a few and then resort to sticking his head into the faulty control panel thing. And driving a AT-ST? Come-on, that scene is just absurd. One of the only parts I liked of BB8 was when he magnetised himself back together.

    Not getting Luke’s reaction to Han’s death is a huge missed opportunity. It could have been a primary catalyst for Luke to be like “oh shit, I wasn’t there when Han went, but this girl was and he believed in her so I should probably train her”. Also, kinda weird that Leia sensed Han with the force but Luke had no idea, but I guess he does say he broke off from the force in-general for some reason, so he couldn’t be found I suppose…


  2. Thanks for your personal quibbles. Those were very valuable. I shy away from YouTube correctional thinking videos as they are often more about promoting their own ideas than generating conversations. Seeing that this is an edit of TLJ, it is implied that it will receive some form of reduction. Videos pointing out why those who are unhappy with it are wrong aren’t really relevant in this conversation. I’d like to talk more about your ideas.

    The Hux and Poe scenes are a generational preference it seems. I’m realizing that I’m an old moof milker (traditionalist) when it comes to Star Wars. I’ll be removing hose scenes.

    Canto Bight was a great sci-fi setting for a TV episode, but in terms of progressing the maim narrative I’m not sure it was necessary. ESB brought its side quest full circle on Bespin. This one leaves then comes back again without any major impact on the story. A good rule of thumb for editing is, if it can be removed without impacting the main narrative it should go. I personally don’t see how it benefits the main narrative. I’ll keep an open mind during a rewatch when it comes out on Blu Ray.

    We agree about BB-8. We is too eccentric in this movie. Much of his scenes will be removed.

    I guess I don’t have the same reaction about Luke’s response to Han’s death. I thought he had a fine in character response. He’s dealt with trauma and depression for years and has become apathetic. He’s removed himself from the force, I would assume that means from feeling as well. The dice scene was his acknowledgement scene and I thought I worked perfectly.

    I for one really appreciated this Like Skywalker. He was real and accessible. This was the correct chance that Johnson took, imho.

    As for Johnson. I appreciate that he tried to mix things up. I feel he had too much power and influence over this film. Much in the same way as Lucas had too much power and control over the prequels. Had he had to have conversations with others who had just as much creative clout as he did, I think we would have had a tighter movie. He may be a great film maker, but this movie wasn’t evidence of that for me. Not enough creative review or editing.

    I appreciate your quibbles and will reflect on them as I think about edits for this movie. Thanks ns2spd! 🙂


    1. Disappointed that you’ve written off the materials shared. I understand your point. Arguments about what interpretation is “wrong” is certainly a fruitless exercise and I take that kind of media with more than a few grains of salt. They’re just quite good at communicating how many people received the film, its strengths. I watch “hate” videos in a similar manner to garner any insights there, but haven’t found any in that vein yet, that I felt were worth sharing. Particularly considering the general reaction I’m seeing online, that side of the coin has plenty free endorsement. Taking in other opinions, even if they’re dogmatic can inform my own interpretation of a work, even if, ultimately, I don’t share those opinions.

      RE: Canto Bight, the materials shared speak to my general sentiment. However, I acknowledge that it was absolutely self-indulgent at times. Created some pacing, and tonal whiplash issues.
      I would be very interested to see your take on it regardless, whichever way you decide to move forward.

      Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t saying at-all that Luke was out of character in his response. I just feel we missed some of the details of his response that could have been useful for narrative & emotional momentum. Nothing can be done about it in fanedit form anyway, considering the footage I’m imagining in my mind simply isn’t in the final film.


  3. Well, with the home release of the movie it’s fan-edit time … THANK GOD !!! A chance to repair some of the horrific choices made in the creation of The Last Jedi.

    I originally thought the movie was unsalvageable, but saw a pre-release draft of a very early fan-edit last week that gave me hope. That fan-edit has now been finalised and released but doesn’t go far enough in my opinion. It lost the ‘Prank Call’, Luke tossing the Lightsaber, Leia Poppins & Holdo taking command, the temple caretakers, the entire light-speed tracker/Canto Bight/Phasma storyline and Rose ‘saving’ Finn on Crate … very nicely edited too.

    So last night I loaded that edit into my own editing software and just looked at the NECESSARY additional changes I would make … lose the ladder-kicking in the bomb run, lose Leia slapping Poe, trim Snoke’s rambling declarations of his own abilities, cut Luke’s Jakku jibe, remove Rey’s ‘towel’ comment to Kylo, Luke doesn’t ignite his Lightsaber over Ben Solo, trim Porgs, trim humour, and I have an idea about changing the lightspeed ramming sequence too … it’s actually coming along OK for just a couple of hours work.

    As I watch Heir To The Force as my go-to version of The Force Awakens, I also plan to add back-in Rey & Chewie’s flight to Achto so that it all fits together 🙂

    So I think an editor of better ability than me, such as yourself, could really do wonders with it. I hope you’ve got a few ideas that won’t necessarily save The Last Jedi, but create an alternate vision from its components that produce something more like a real Star Wars movie.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts and words of confidence. I’ve got some ideas to mess around with and combine some things that I’ll be working gonna when the Blu Ray release happens. I did you around with running the movie almost in reverse, having the final conflict between Luke and Kylo at the beginning, then the Ressistance flee, the Space Battle, Rey confronts Snoke and Ren, the Resistance flees again. I don’t think I can get that to work though. I’ll keep looking for a radical change though.


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