New Posters and Case Art

As I’m getting ready for the release of Rise of the Rebellion, I’ve worked on a couple of new poster, BR case art, and disc art. I’ve also updated the artwork for my Heir to the Force edit. Special thanks to Blake Armstrong over at Spaceboy Comics for allowing me to use his awesome artwork! […]

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1,000+ Visits

I wanted to take this time to express gratitude to everyone who has dropped by to show support, interest, or who has just been curious. Thank you! As a token of gratitude, here is the trailer for my upcoming edit of Rise of the Rebellion

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Fanedit Ideas

This post is simply to share some of the ideas I have for future edits. It’s a place that I’d love to get feedback and collaborate ideas. Here is a list of fanedit ideas that I have. Key: Cyan = completed Green = working on Yellow = some work done Red = idea Star Wars […]

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The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen

The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen is my upcoming fanfix of the 1990 Disney classic Shipwrecked directed by Nils Gaup and starring Gabriel Byrne and Stian Smestad. Check it out at imdb. I completed this fanfix some time ago, but after reading about PAL conversion and proper DVD ripping over at, I’ve decided that my version needs a […]

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