Batman TAS: Mask of the Phantasm TV cut


This one is a simple movie-to-tv edit. The edit consists of three separate episodes with B:TAS opening and closing credits and to be continued cards and openings. Due to the length of the source, the last episode will not be the traditional 22 minute length. The episodes will be presented in their original 4:3 format as SD mp4’s.

Gotham’s crime bosses are in fear. A mysterious dark crusader is bent on wiping out the city’s heads of crime, for good. All evidence points towards the Batman. Has the cape crusader crossed the line and become the very thing he has sworn to protect Gotham from, or has a darker presence emerged in the night?

Watch the mystery unfold in DigModiFicaTion’s TV cut of Mask of the Phantasm. See the origin of the Batman in episodic form, presented as a pilot series of the Emmy winning Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Batman: The Animated Series Opening and Closing Credits
  • Custom Mask of the Phantasm Title Cards
  • Previously on Batman openings
  • Removal of visually suggestive themes to align with 90’s TV

Cut list:

  • Removed scene of Andrea standing at the World fair in the Phantasm suit, replaced scene with a still shot that paints her out as to keep the Joker’s laugh as a fade out into the next scene. This allows the viewer to learn the true identity of the Phantasm along with the Joker.
  • Removed scene where Andrea and the Joker disappear into smoke when the bombs the Joker planted explode. Now it cuts to Batman who yells Andrea’s name and then he falls into the sewer.
  • Cut the cruise boat scene where we see Andrea alive. Still shot of Bruce looking down is used to fade into the final scene of the Bat signal and ending shot

Planned release formats: 1gb 480p mp4 episodes (x3); DVD-5

Please use the Edit Request Form link on the Contact Page to request the edit.

Special thanks to Zarius for previewing the edit and theryaney for an awesome criterion style cover

Poster and title card art derived from artworks by Justin Erickson and Greg Capullo

Episode Title Card

Poster Art (magic credit to theryaney)