Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit

RotR Poster medium

Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion – A Rogue One Edit

Faneditor Name: DigModiFicaTion
Tagline: Rise…Unite…Rebel…
Original Movie Title: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Genre: Science Fiction
Franchise: Star Wars
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Original Release Date: 2016
Original Running Time: 134 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: August 2017
Fanedit Running Time: 128 minutes
Time Cut: 9 minutes
Time Added: 3 minutes

MP4 (15gb, 1080p, 16mbps, 5.1 ac3)
BD-25 (22gb, 1080p, 21.5mpbs, 5.1 448kbps 48khz ac3)

Rise of the Empire Logo1
Brief Synopsis:
Rise of the Rebellion is a light fanfix of what I consider to be the second best Star Wars movie currently released. This edit differs from others in that it does not drastically reduce the length, narrative focus of the movie or add any John Williams cues. Rise of the Rebellion seeks to restore heroes to the movie by slightly shifting their motivations and actions to produce a story that is filled with brave heroes and less distractions.

Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie right after ESB. I found the planet title cards to be extremely distracting. We never had them before, why do we need them now? The story should drive itself, not the location. That’s what DK’s illustrated encyclopedias are for 😉

This edit is intended to clean up the few subjective mishaps in the film and present a narrative that isn’t merely trying to be Star Wars, but IS. My main objectives were to add a crawl, remove planet cards, rescore certain scenes (with EU and Giacchino cues) make Chirrut less Kung Fu, Bodhi slightly calmer and more confident, making Cassian’s demons internal and reducing Saw to a Lor San Tekka-Esque character.

Other Sources:
Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Moe_Syzlack, Ironman23, hbenthow, mrbenja0618, ssj, TK251, TVs Frink (for letting me steal RotR because I released first ;P ), krlozdac, darthrush, ThrowgnCpr, risc19 (for supplying the hyperspace menu effect) and my Family, who puts up with this crazy obsession of a hobby.

Editing Details:
I began with the idea of simply adding a crawl and reducing some of Chirrut and Bodhi. As usual, the community challenged and inspired me to look at the film differently and to attempt edits that I had not intended to do (removing Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba). This edit also introduced me to Vegas’ secondary color correction tool. This was used to color correct Tarkin and Leia’s skin tones as well as removing Vader’s red eyes from his meeting with Krennic and his surveying of the space battle. Cropping and sharpening tools used to remove the planetary title cards.

Edit List:

  1. New title cards
  2. Custom Crawl (this will be my Episode III of the prequel trilogy, so it indicates that)
  3. Custom pan down and Krennic shuttle flying towards Lah’mu
  4. Removed Saw opening up hatch to find Jyn (We see the hatch open but do not see his face)
  5. Removed Rogue One Title card, now hard cuts to Jyn waking up as if she was dreaming
  6. Removed Cassian’s introduction and Informant scene
  7. Removed Bodhi’s Introduction on Jedah
  8. Cropped Wobani planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  9. Cropped Yavin and Rebel Alliance planet cards to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  10. Removed second Bodhi scene where he meets Saw
  11. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  12. Removed Bor Gullet scene
  13. Added tie sfx to transition from K2 to Jedha pan shot
  14. Removed Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
  15. Added Battlefront Imperial track to Rebel ambush
  16. Shortened Chirrut’s acrobatics and removed his “is your foot alright” line and human shield antics
  17. Removed the cut to Jyn and Cassian to connect the continuous shot where Baze fires at the stormtroopers
  18. Removed Chirrut’s “are you kidding me, I”m blind” line
  19. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones during Jedah DS firing sequence
  20. Color corrected Vader’s eyes during his meeting with Krennic
  21. Cropped Eadu planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  22. Rescored Rebel Alliance meeting with Force theme
  23. Removed Bodhi’s stuttering when asked who is stealing the imperial ship
  24. Cropped Scarrif planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  25. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  26. Cropped scene with R2 and 3P0 to remove them from the shot and reworked surround track to eliminate their dialogue
  27. Rescored Star Destroyer collision (Scrambling the Rebel Fleet’ airplane collision/crash sfx)
  28. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  29. Color corrected Vader’s eyes when he is watching the Rebel fleet be massacred
  30. Trimmed Vader’s awkward hand gesture of choking rebel soldier and then motioning to fling him to the side. (it just looks too fan filmy for me)
  31. Color corrected Leia’s skin tones
  32. Fixed audio volume transition into credits
  33. Added custom edited/fanedited credits
  34. Added grouped name credits to shorten credits and have them end on the the musical finale (the original doesn’t for some reason)
  35. Added custom title cards to ending

BD Menus

Color Correction & Rescoring Examples

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7 thoughts on “Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit

  1. Hey! First of all a mayor thanks for such an impressive editing job. Love your Ep. 7 edit but unfortunately the link to download Rise of the Rebellion on Google Drive seems unavailable due to copyright issues. Is there any other way to get it?


      1. Hi NLP, I’m sorry you are so upset about the current version of RotR. No one is getting suckered into anything as it’s all voluntary. The only difference between the two versions is the omission of Cassian’s opening scene (which was reworked to have him not execute the informant). Feel free to edit it back in if you are angry with this version.


      1. My man, Awesome Edit. Where might I find it? I own the film but it has plenty of flaws and you edit is perfect in terms of what I’m looking for.


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