Shipwrecked: The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen

Brief Synopsis:
This edit removes the gorilla from the island and restores the original widescreen presentation as well as adding a custom 5.1 surround track.

This movie is a HUGE part of my childhood. I had never seen this movie in widescreen and after scouring the internet for R2 versions I was able to purchase one and see this film in glorious widescreen. I then set out to create a NTSC version of this film and to remove the one major offending and ridiculous part of this movie, the gorilla.

MP4 (4gb, 480p, 5.1 ac3)
DVD-5 (4.7gb, 480p, 5.1 ac3)

Tagline: Adventure Awaits!
Original Movie Title: Shipwrecked
Genre: Adventure
Fanedit Type: Special Projects
Original Release Date: 1991
Original Running Time: 92
Fanedit Release Date: August 2017
Fanedit Running Time: 91 minutes
Time Cut: 3 minutes
Time Added: 2 minutes

Other Sources:
Stock ocean shore footage

Special Thanks:
Flixcapacitor for collaborating on the surround sound venture even though it ultimately required custom tracks to be made

Editing Details:
This edit utilized audacity’s vocal cut plugin to create the surround tracks. This essentially creates two mono tracks and then reverses the polarity of the tracks to cancel out most of the vocal range. A general sharpening was applied to the video to increase the clarity of the image.

Cuts and Additions:

  1. Conversion of PAL to NTSC to preserve widescreen

  2. Conversion of 2.0 Stereo track to 5.1 surround using audacity’s vocal remover plugin

  3. General Sharpen using virtualdub to improve picture quality (setting 30)

  4. Added film grain and dust to custom title cards to simulate the source video

  5. Created intro using stock ocean footage (degraded to match source) and custom logo

  6. Cut Gorilla from Island

  7. Custom audio transitions using stock ocean sounds to smooth transitions between cut scenes

  8. Recut audio tracks during credits to end with the credits

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