Fanedit Ideas

This post is simply to share some of the ideas I have for future edits. It’s a place that I’d love to get feedback and collaborate ideas. Here is a list of fanedit ideas that I have. Key: Cyan = completed Green = working on Yellow = some work done Red = idea Star Wars […]

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Heir to the Force v1.1

Well it’s been a long 7-8 months, but this edit is finally done….for now. I cannot express enough gratitude towards all those who have contributed in any shape or form. Members from and have been integral in the development of this project. This edit has 2 main purposes Prolong the reveal of Kylo […]

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The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen

The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen is my upcoming fanfix of the 1990 Disney classic Shipwrecked directed by Nils Gaup and starring Gabriel Byrne and Stian Smestad. Check it out at imdb. I completed this fanfix some time ago, but after reading about PAL conversion and proper DVD ripping over at, I’ve decided that my version needs a […]

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Custom Crawl Creator

It has arrived! Here is the template that you were looking for, I hope. While working on my edit of The Force Awakens, I needed to create a custom crawl and found it extremely difficult to produce anything that was close to the look of the official versions using Vegas and other NLE’s. I did some […]

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Blender: A Star Wars Crawl

While working on my edit of The Force Awakens, I was challenged to make a new crawl that acted to summarize the past 30 years. I had attempted to make crawls in the past, but ultimately was disappointed in the outcomes. Most programs were unable to preserve an infinite horizon for the text as it […]

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