Legacy of the Jedi (a Last JediT)

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Alright, since this is one that is going to be happening I thought I’d start a project page.

First item of business is a title. Vote for your favorite title. Please vote for your favorite title and or post a replay.


Potential Title Mock Up:

legacy of the jedifate of the jediTRIAL OF THE FORCEflight of the resistance


Thanks to theryaney for the edit title and Poster Art edit

My main goal is to create a stronger confidence and likability in every character. Finn doesn’t try to escape. Rose doesn’t spend a large majority of her screen time crying. Luke makes a pivotal decision that changes his destiny. Rey…..well she was always confident so she’s pretty much the same. Kylo is……honestly I don’t mind if he isn’t as confident. He doesn’t tantrum as much though. Hux is no longer a joke of a puppet. He acts with purpose and doesn’t cower in front of his underlings. Poe learns his lessons through thinking instead of demotion. Holdo is simply another Admiral and isn’t cocky. BB-8 is a likable droid who doesn’t act like a prequel r2-d2. Chewbacca…..ok I couldn’t salvage the lack of Chewbacca in this movie sadly……..The porgs are present but they’re treated more as atmosphere than focal points.

In a nut shell:

  • A Star Warsy crawl the everyone completely agrees with, 🤞
  • the fleet drops out of hyperspace & the FO fleet shows up (tracking plot introduced)
  • space battles combined
  • Leia is unconcious
  • Rey keeps training (oh did I mention that she was already doing that?)
  • Holdo  assumes command (but it’s less on the nose)
  • Secret mission to get the code breaker
  • Canto Bight (no Fathiers)
  • Force Time and Trials of the Force stuff
  • Canto Bight prison escape (no Fathiers)
  • Certain points of view Force stuff & decisions
  • Supremacy (Finn, Rose, Decoder, BB-8 & Rey)
  • Poe allowed to continue secret plan (no mutiny)
  • Plan fails, Rey succeeds, Resistance flees
  • Crait battle
  • Luke arrives & confronts Kylo
  • Rey frees Resistance, but now they’re the Rebellion
  • Credits


What is in this edit?

  • Canto Bight
  • Porgs
  • Sad Luke
  • Chrome Dome & Rebel Scum
  • Deleted Scenes

What’s not in this edit?

  • Fathiers
  • Excessive amounts of Porgs
  • Grumpy old Luke
  • SNL humor
  • Annoying Hux
  • Mean Holdo
  • BB-8 antics
  • Useless Deleted Scenes
  • Bullet time
  • Excessive slow-mo scenes

Ok, how is this different than any of the many other TLJ edits out there?
I’d say it’s the massive rearrangement of scenes that change motivations and outcomes of characters. It’s also meant as a compliment to Heir to the Force. Will this edit make you like TLJ? Honestly I don’t know. I will say that I’m becoming OK with the movie after editing it for some months now. About the only major gripe I have left is the fact that ships don’t have any resistance in space so they don’t need to expend fuel……..yep, the whole “it’s only a matter of time” before they run out of fuel plot point is ridiculous (I suppose you could argue that because the FO is burning their engines the Resistance would need to to stay ahead, but that is assuming that there isn’t a speed limit that they already have met…..I digress…..

Anyway, I’m currently adding in deleted scene content that adds to character development or plot points that I’m needing to create for this v3 narrative. Once the scenes flow narratively I’ll engage in the smoothing out of audio transitions to create seamless transitions.

Want to help?

  • I’d welcome anyone who can make a spot on green lightsaber (hilt included) for the Crait scenes.
  • I’m also needing to create the illusion of a morning sunrise lighting for an outdoor scene on Ach-To.
  • (I’m sure I’ll be needing to update this section in the future.)


Here is the draft of the crawl thus far:

The RESISTANCE is in flight! THE FIRST ORDER has located their hidden base and are intent on eliminating their influence for good.

Meanwhile, Rey races across the stars to locate Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER before all hope fades. Without him, the cause of freedom may be lost forever.


Leia and her freedom fighters prepare to mount a desperate escape. All of their hope lies in the return of the last Jedi….


Crawl Preview using brolandi.github.io’s Star Wars Intro Creator:


36 thoughts on “Legacy of the Jedi (a Last JediT)

  1. While I did enjoy TLJ, I’m quite interested to watch your fanedit. I’m intrigued and excited by your proposed choices. I’m always interested in asking if we can remove anything and still have all the movie we need. Perhaps your future fanedit can help the legions of the enraged to enjoy the film a little more.


  2. Since you’re removing Luke tossing the saber, can you use the Episode VII presentation of the saber that was excluded from your edit (and in my opinion, is superior to the version in VIII). I personally don’t mind him throwing it away, but I wish it matched shot for shot with VIII.


    1. This will most likely be my approach. I’m toying with ideas of having the opening scene be Rey approaching Ahch-To and shifting to the Resistance scenes when we see Luke. This should allow for some time to pass between episodes as well.


  3. Okay, bare with me, I’ve seen this movie three times now and I have A LOT of suggestions.

    1. I was thinking a title with “Spark” in it, like maybe “The Spark of the Rebellion” or “The Spark of the Resistance” or something with “Spark” since they mention that all the time in the movie. But from your proposed titles, “Fate of the Jedi” is infinitely better than “Legacy of the Jedi”. It has much more urgency and weight to it. “Legacy” sounds like a history lesson and way less exciting than “Fate”.

    2. I’ve been thinking, maybe have Finn wake up much later in the film, that way it’s easier to get rid of his subplot with Rose, as he’s been asleep for most of the film. Also, he just got in his bacta thing at the end of VII, so that’s completely pointless if he just wakes up at the beginning of VIII. Moving this to later in the film would fix this.

    3. I’d highly recommend removing all the times Hux ignores obvious danger, like calling Poe insane and deciding to not fire on Holdo when she turns her ship around.

    4. Maybe add more of the soft “Leia’s theme” musical undertones to really make us feel for Carrie Fisher’s passing. The scene where she’s sitting thoughtfully as they exit hyperspace is a great opportunity.

    5. Also, I think it would be a huge missed opportunity if you didn’t address the plothole of Holdo not telling Poe her plan. Since the Canto Bight plot is cut completely, you can connect Poe and Holdo’s scenes so that he finds out her plan immediately, and then maybe have the explanation of going to Crait told by the ostrich looking Resistance lady (idk her name, she has a big nose and explains the Crait plan to Poe in the transport). Maybe put in a cropped shot of Crait through the window and have Poe still disagree with the plan, so he’ll look like a jerk, but the plothole will be fixed, because he will already know her plan. It’s not that important since you’re removing the Canto Bight plot completely (which I think is the right call), but I still think this should be addressed and fixed.

    6. I don’t think you should remove Luke’s matrix move. It may not resonate well with you, but he already barely gets to do anything, so at least let him have an unrealistic flip. Please!

    7. After Luke says, “And I will not be the last Jedi,” the film cuts to a shot of Rey lifting the rocks. I’d kinda prefer it to just cut to the next shot, which is Poe and Finn and all them reacting to the rocks lifted. Having it cut from Luke to Rey was a little to “in your face” feminist for me, but obviously it’s up to you.

    8. Finally, restructuring the Snoke throne room scene and Holdo sacrificing herself would help a lot by not interrupting the great tension in the Snoke scene and shortening Holdo’s turn around of the ship (the film draws that scene out so long that it makes the First Order look stupid for not having shot her down in all that time).

    9. Maybe iris out to credits after the fade to white when the Falcon is in hypserspace? Would look pretty cool.

    I hope any of that helps! I am a huge fan of you and your work! So looking forward to what you do with this film!


    1. As weird as it is, I also don’t think you should remove Yoda’s scene. Even if it wasn’t executed brilliantly, it is INTEGRAL to Luke’s decision change of heart and decision to go to “go” to Crait. Having the master that formally trained him give him a piece of heart for this decision is so necessary for his arc, even if some of us didn’t like it. Removing this would leave a gaping hole in a story that is already full of holes. Just trim it down to your liking, but I think removing it completely would be a mistake.
      Hope this helps! 🙂


    2. Thanks for all of your thoughtful ideas Daniel! I’ll respond to each as they were laid out.
      1) Because they are saying spark, I’d not want to put that in the title. Your thoughts on Fate vs Legacy have merit and I’ll do some serious reflection on this. I will be making a few different crawls featuring The various popular title iterations that editors/viewers can mux into the movie themselves. As if right now I feel Legacy is more applicable as the story only briefly has Luke saying the Jedi should end. Everything else he does is promoting the Legacy of the Jedi by training Rey. It’s the same with Kylo. He talks about letting go of the past and the Sith, but he just does what every other sith does, seek for power. I’ll keep thinking about it though.

      2) I’d like to think Boyega is a good actor and just got the shirt end of the stick dialogue wise and character wise. I’m thinking of a way to possibly open the movie with Finn, Rose and the slicer attacking Snoke’s ship in an attempt to finish off the First Order. I didn’t think it will work as Holdo’s maneuver is ultimately what allows them to escape from what I remember. I suppose that could remove Leia in space and get us to Crait alot faster. I’ll probably have to cut all of his stuff.

      3) Hux was without a doubt the worst written and acted character in this movie. He will receive a very heavily edited treatment.

      4) In all honesty, I didn’t care for Fischer’s performance in this movie. I’ll most likely push the bridge scene back and see if I can out it near the end. It was a realistic way for her character to end. Not sure why Johnson did what he did with her character.

      5) I also thought this was a poor decision. I get that it was a misdirection, and it was decent at that, but its resolution was very poor. The slicer should have been with them and been the First Order spy that they implied.

      6) Sorry, it was art for art’s sake. I’ll be removing it.

      7) Didn’t get the feminist vibe you are taking about. She’s a woman and the future of the Jedi. Some of my favorite bosses, coworkers and human beings are women. I like the flow of that scene as far as I remember it.

      8) I’ll have to reanalyze that scene. I only watched it once. Visually I don’t like his throne room with all of its red fabric. That’s what I remembered most of his throne room.

      9) I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Star Wars. It will be a Iris from the previous shot into a star field with text.

      As for Yoda, I need to watch this again to see what I might want to salvage. I really think we only saw him to help us accept Luke moving on from the corporeal existence and enter into the Force. His crazy antics will definitely be trimmed.

      Again, I really appreciate the time you out into your thoughts. I’ll definitely give them second, third and as many as needed to make sure I’m making the best editing decisions. You’ve given me a lot to think about and I thank you for that 🙂


  4. If you’re using material from TFA to cut in with Rey meeting Luke on the island, see if you can color correct the shots to fix the weather changes. There was an inconsistency with the color grading due to the TFA scene shot on a cloudy day and TLJ scene shot in bright daylight


  5. I love star wars (Rogue One, 4-6, 7 & 8), with that said i was annoyed by just the scenes you mention AND the silly bombs that fall downwards in space (?!??)…
    i love to see this edit and hope you add propulsion to the fallingscene mentioned abowe or recut it so the bombs doesnt fall as much…


    1. I will never get why people have a problem with the bombs falling. We do know that every ship and fighter in Star Wars has artificial gravity on board, right? Why wouldn’t the bombers have gravity? We clearly see people walking at the bottom of the bomb bay on a catwalk. The bombs fall, because they are inside a ship with gravity. The keep falling in space because of momentum. It’sreally that simple, and the anmout of confusion among viewers is really astonishing to me.


  6. The home release of TLJ will include 14 deleted scenes (obviously some must be in very rough condition) but will you consider in adding those who contribute to the plot? As you did with Heir to the Force and Kylo’s visit to the falcon.


  7. The comedy of it is awful! I’m not gonna lie that I laughed but that is not supposed to be happening every 5 minutes of a star wars film. In character construction you have characters built to be the comic relieves, in this one EVEN THE VILLAINS were making jokes. Please get rid of all the Hux, Kylo and Snoke jokes. Consider taking out Snoke hitting Rey with the lightsaber.
    Following the same line I don’t mind the Chewbacca and Porgs jokes, mostly because he doesn’t have many scenes in the film. I think the one where he is eating one is fine, it’s dry and it has the mild savageness of Chewbacca from the original trilogy. I also don’t mind the one screaming when Chewie is driving. I think the moment the porgs died as a comical resource is when one hits the glass of the Millenium.

    I would like to see a version in which is Leia the one that sacrifices herself instead of Holdo. It adds up to the idea that she would do anything to save the resistance, that she is confident of this new generation of leaders and that it is the only reason for Luke to come back. Thinking about how to edit that is almost impossible and it takes out many good moments or story points that include multiple characters.

    The black dot in the sun was distractive. I was expecting something something else to happen. There are some leaks from the novelization that mention that luke hears a voice when he dies. I know it might not be necessary but is something for you to consider, only if it adds up.

    I wish there was an easy way to save Finn’s arc and make Rose more appealing. As someone said above, get rid of the broom kid and as you did with TFA end everything with all the main characters together.

    I loved what you did with The Force Awakens, your treatment and vision was very consistent. I appreciate your time and effort, I wish that was the movie I watched in the theaters. Next time I show star wars to someone to someone, as someone that has introduced the franchise to many of his friends, I’ll show them that version. Thanks for everything.


  8. Thank you Andy for your kind words and great ideas. I really like the idea of making Leia the one to ram the ship instead of Holdo. If it weren’t for the scene with her and Luke at the end I’d give it a go (I still will mess around with it to see if it could work). As with HttF, most of the SNL (current) style humor will be removed. I really appreciate your positive support! 🙂


  9. [Disclaimer] I’m sorry if I’m treading old ground. I am also unsure what sort of edit this will be (cuts only; use deleted scenes where appropriate; or digital modification) so if any off these suggestions seem outlandish, well I’m used to Adywans edits he is a little insane in comparison to how far normal people would go, for a “perfect” edit. I also don’t want to tread on your toes, its your edit, you artistic vision. Also can I just ask outright if this is going to be a major edit, or one that changes up some scenes but keep the main plot points the same. I just don’t want to get investing I watching you edit, only to have the plot not match up at all with ep 9.

    1) Go with Legacy of the Jedi, I feel that its reminiscent enough of what goes on in the movie, but personally I’d wait until you’ve finished the edit, so you can come up with a name that suits the tone and plot you’ve ended up with.

    2) If you are doing digital editing, could you mess with the ordering of scenes so that after Leia is flung forward, by the explosion (before she is sucked out) it cuts to the door open, with black smoke instead of white and Leia’s face/cloths charred instead of icy. I’m not sure from you list if that’s what you intended, but I think it would flow better than us seeing the bridge explode and then he coming back it just a bandaged head.

    3) I agree with removing Finn’s and Rose’s subplot but does that mean removing all their scenes? Its just that it might feel awkward seeing Finn wake up, and then disappearing for the whole movie just to get saved by form suicide by a complete stranger (unless you remove that two) but not developing their characters at all will make it even more awkward when it comes to ep 9.

    4) When the deleted scenes get released is there any ways you can use the footage leaked of Finn vs Phasma as it really explains her character and why she did what she did in the first movie (put her life, above ALL else)

    5) I get the pretense of removing Yoda, but I felt that some of the most important explanation of Luke’s character (being a useless teacher) came form that scene. Could you leave it but maybe edit it down, no hitting Luke, no lightning, increase the transparency on Yoda. IDK just could you see what possible before throwing it entirely.

    6) Is it possible to have Luke drop the saber instead? IDK if it is. If it is, then I feel it would have more emotion behind the scene, as we see the turmoil in his eyes as it evokes emotions in him (very un-jedi like but that’s always been a part of Luke, driven by emotion, but wise enough to let the force dive him when it must) and he simply lets it go, lets go of his emotion and the saber. I think it is possible but I know not to what quality or if you have the tools.

    7) when Kylo and Luke tell the conflicting tales, could there be no flashback. But when Luke tell Rey the true event, that when we see the full thing. It was a bit confusing and I believe that Kylo’s account is where everyone gets the outrage from: “Luke would never try and strike someone down out of hate!!!” – He didn’t Kylo was wrong/lying.

    8) Could you remove the the shot of Snoke’s tongue hanging comically out his mouth, once again the tone is all over the place.

    9) Do you have to remove all of the scene with the Nuns? They did provide one scene of levity, and some explanation as to why the super, ancient “temple” looks brand new. I get cutting down their explanation and the “they don’t like me” bit (well all know that can’t be true as everyone like Mary Rey Sue (sorry couldn’t resist-ance (sorry)))

    10) Could you mess with the Maz cameo if you decide to keep any of the Canto Bight stuff? Again it feels weird if we just never see Finn so I think that less Canto is better than no Canto which is better than Canto.

    OK, so final notes/ questions: The tit monster is where GREEN milk comes from not BLUE (still don’t know about blue’s origin). What artsy shots are you talking about? What ship in the distance when Luke dies? Could you re-colour the salt & if so, remove the guy tasting it?

    Apart form that wall of text, I can’t wait to see what you can come up with.


  10. Unluckily there’s not much in the deleted scenes to add in film. The third reason Luke gives makes him be kind of a jerk, I understand the purpose but it drives us away from who Luke was.
    I saw a version a few days ago in the fanedits Reddit that cuts the casino plot line. Right after they get arrested and get out of the cel with the coder we jump to the scenes inside the stolen ship. It works well without the space horse sequence. I also noticed that when Luke dies there’s a few scenes of the achto island right after that feels out of place. The scene is zooming in the island, maybe inverting and make it zoom out would make it feel more natural, it might infer that we “leave” the island when Luke leaves the living world.

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  11. I will never get why people have a problem with the bombs falling. We do know that every ship and fighter in Star Wars has artificial gravity on board, right? Why wouldn’t the bombers have gravity? We clearly see people walking at the bottom of the bomb bay on a catwalk. The bombs fall, because they are inside a ship with gravity. The keep falling in space because of momentum. It’sreally that simple, and the anmout of confusion among viewers is really astonishing to me.

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  12. I need a fanedit of this film and so, so want to contribute to this discussion, but that would mean, to be fair, watching The Last Jedi again. A third time. And the first two were so difficult. Let me start any criticism by saying that I didn’t hate The Force Awakens. It was like a very nice fan-film. There were references to previous films and characters, of course, and the new characters presented opportunities for both story and character development. I didn’t even mind Rey, the supposed Mary Sue, because it seemed obvious that there was a backstory that would explain everything: her Force sensitivity, and her ability to fight and fly a spaceship. With Finn and Poe, there was the beginning of a friendship (some wanted more but why spoil a good thing?) and the promise of further adventures.

    And then we got The Last Jedi. It looked great. It sounded great. But, that’s where it ends. The film feels like something from an alternate universe, where the Star Wars franchise was cynical, simplistic, and dopey. It felt completely disconnected not only from the film series that spawned but even from its immediate predecessor.

    It was also obvious that the director was completely in over his head, forced to draw on other works for almost every scene. Once or twice is an homage. A vague resemblance (like ANH’s references to Dam Busters or Hidden Fortress) is an influence. But TLJ pilfers so many shots and styles that by the end of the film, I could no longer identify any contribution by Rian Johnson, other than his terrible disjointed, unfocused script. Even scenes which should have been profound – Luke and Yodi reunited – seem shallow and anticlimactic.

    Okay, I’ll watch it again. Sigh. There were a handful of elements that worked. Perhaps something can be salvaged. But at the moment, I’m quite convinced that Episode 9 will move forward with as little reference to this mess as possible, making it possible for franchise lovers to simply skip it. And in the meantime, I’m happy to re-watch Clone Wars and Rebels, both of which actually added to the mythology and overall story.

    Good luck 🙂


  13. Always hated the fact that Johnson killed off Luke so abruptly for the sake of his “unexpected” narrative, can you cut it so Luke doesn’t die? It made no sense for him to go out in such an anti-climactic way. It’s clear that Rian Johnson hated Luke Skywalker and all the other characters when he made this movie. It’s disrespectful to the franchise and the audience as a whole, I’m so glad that you’re trying to fix this mess.


    1. You may be disappointed in this proposed edit then. My current plan is to have him die earlier in the film and then be a force ghost on Acht-To. Making him survive isn’t a real option when he won’t be present in episode IX.

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      1. I don’t think that it is that he won’t be there in episode IX but that he will be a force ghost, seeing as he did become one with the force.


      2. I don’t think killing off characters means that Rian hated the franchise.That would be really interesting thing to see! But how’s is he going to die? What if he is the one moving the cruiser and attack snoke’s ship by using the force?


  14. Digimod,

    Your edit of TFA was amazing. It is the version I will be showing to my wife. BTW your google drive file is inaccessible now.

    I am excited to see what you create here. Do you have an ETA that you will be picking up this project?

    Also, I found some interesting fanedit ideas on youtube. You may find some good ideas in there for your rewrite:
    https://youtu.be/3NJzCPopJS0 was one that was pretty well thought out. Feel free to delete this post if linking to this other work is not cool.

    I have read through your ideas and your posts, and whatever you create for us I know that it will be much much better than what we were given by Disney.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jeremy! I’m currently holding off from tackling TLJ because I’m just not feeling it right now. I have some other projects that are needing attention as well. No worries about linking to others’ thoughts. That’s what collaboration is all about 🙂
      Thanks again for the high praise. Hopefully I can produce something to compliment HttF. Thanks again! – DigMod


  15. Digi, you should go check out Ivan Ortega’s YouTube channel. He has done some interesting things with some of the scenes there that might help you in your quest to make this as perfect as it can be.

    For instance: He cleverly during the first Rey Luke meeting had Rey hand the lightsaber to Luke, and then after Luke examines it for a minute, instead of tossing it over his shoulder, he simply has the scene play in reverse, making it look like Luke hands the saber back to Rey.

    Enjoyed watching the edit to the Luke/Kylo battle. Looks great.


    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks for stopping by. I have watched a few of his videos. He does have some interesting ideas for sure. Luke won’t be tossing or giving back the saber in this edit, so the entire scene is gone. Glad you liked the latest KvL video I shared. Thanks for your support and interest in this project 🙂


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