Legacy of the Jedi (a Last JediT)

Legacy of the Jedi Banner
Alright, since this is one that is going to be happening I thought I’d start a project page.

First item of business is a title. Vote for your favorite title. Please vote for your favorite title and or post a replay.


Potential Title Mock Up:

legacy of the jedifate of the jediTRIAL OF THE FORCEflight of the resistance


Thanks to theryaney for the edit title and Poster Art edit

Edit list (so far):

  1. Color correct entire movie to remove yellowish green tint
  2. Add custom Walt Disney 20th Century Fox intro
  3. Add custom crawl (draft: https://brorlandi.github.io/StarWarsIntr…6df5XXuDMe)
  4. Add scenes of Rey arriving at Ahch-To
  5. Remove the artsy shots throughout the movie
  6. Remove Poe’s single fighter assault on that incompetent dreadnought and all of the ridiculous dialogue in the scene
  7. Retain the Resistance fleeing, but remove the opening bombing scenes and place them later in the movie
  8. Remove Finn’s leaking suit scenes. We’ll just see him wake up
  9. Remove the Finn Rose subplot distraction in its entirety
  10. Remove Leia’s space force fairy scene. We’ll see the bridge get hit, but no one will go flying out in space.
  11. Remove Luke throwing the saber, remove quippy dialogue on the island.
  12. Remove as much of the porgs including the Chewbacca scene
  13. Remove the native island nuns
  14. Remove Luke milking the creature (at least we know where blue milk comes from now)
  15. Remove Luke’s ridiculous fish spear scene
  16. Remove Rey’s finger snaps during her force vision in the dark side cave
  17. Lessen Kylo Ren’s tantrum in the turbo lift
  18. Remove the Yoda scene (I get the message that was intended, but the scene was terribly executed imho)
  19. Remove Luke’s matrix bullet time movements
  20. Remove distant ship in the sun as Luke becomes one with the Force
  21. Add iris out to credits

Here is the draft of the crawl thus far:

The RESISTANCE is in flight! THE FIRST ORDER has located their hidden base and are intent on eliminating their influence for good.

Meanwhile, Rey races across the stars to locate Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER before all hope fades. Without him, the cause of freedom may be lost forever.


Leia and her freedom fighters prepare to mount a desperate escape. All of their hope lies in the return of the last Jedi….


Crawl Preview using brolandi.github.io’s Star Wars Intro Creator:


16 thoughts on “Legacy of the Jedi (a Last JediT)

  1. While I did enjoy TLJ, I’m quite interested to watch your fanedit. I’m intrigued and excited by your proposed choices. I’m always interested in asking if we can remove anything and still have all the movie we need. Perhaps your future fanedit can help the legions of the enraged to enjoy the film a little more.


  2. Since you’re removing Luke tossing the saber, can you use the Episode VII presentation of the saber that was excluded from your edit (and in my opinion, is superior to the version in VIII). I personally don’t mind him throwing it away, but I wish it matched shot for shot with VIII.


    1. This will most likely be my approach. I’m toying with ideas of having the opening scene be Rey approaching Ahch-To and shifting to the Resistance scenes when we see Luke. This should allow for some time to pass between episodes as well.


  3. Okay, bare with me, I’ve seen this movie three times now and I have A LOT of suggestions.

    1. I was thinking a title with “Spark” in it, like maybe “The Spark of the Rebellion” or “The Spark of the Resistance” or something with “Spark” since they mention that all the time in the movie. But from your proposed titles, “Fate of the Jedi” is infinitely better than “Legacy of the Jedi”. It has much more urgency and weight to it. “Legacy” sounds like a history lesson and way less exciting than “Fate”.

    2. I’ve been thinking, maybe have Finn wake up much later in the film, that way it’s easier to get rid of his subplot with Rose, as he’s been asleep for most of the film. Also, he just got in his bacta thing at the end of VII, so that’s completely pointless if he just wakes up at the beginning of VIII. Moving this to later in the film would fix this.

    3. I’d highly recommend removing all the times Hux ignores obvious danger, like calling Poe insane and deciding to not fire on Holdo when she turns her ship around.

    4. Maybe add more of the soft “Leia’s theme” musical undertones to really make us feel for Carrie Fisher’s passing. The scene where she’s sitting thoughtfully as they exit hyperspace is a great opportunity.

    5. Also, I think it would be a huge missed opportunity if you didn’t address the plothole of Holdo not telling Poe her plan. Since the Canto Bight plot is cut completely, you can connect Poe and Holdo’s scenes so that he finds out her plan immediately, and then maybe have the explanation of going to Crait told by the ostrich looking Resistance lady (idk her name, she has a big nose and explains the Crait plan to Poe in the transport). Maybe put in a cropped shot of Crait through the window and have Poe still disagree with the plan, so he’ll look like a jerk, but the plothole will be fixed, because he will already know her plan. It’s not that important since you’re removing the Canto Bight plot completely (which I think is the right call), but I still think this should be addressed and fixed.

    6. I don’t think you should remove Luke’s matrix move. It may not resonate well with you, but he already barely gets to do anything, so at least let him have an unrealistic flip. Please!

    7. After Luke says, “And I will not be the last Jedi,” the film cuts to a shot of Rey lifting the rocks. I’d kinda prefer it to just cut to the next shot, which is Poe and Finn and all them reacting to the rocks lifted. Having it cut from Luke to Rey was a little to “in your face” feminist for me, but obviously it’s up to you.

    8. Finally, restructuring the Snoke throne room scene and Holdo sacrificing herself would help a lot by not interrupting the great tension in the Snoke scene and shortening Holdo’s turn around of the ship (the film draws that scene out so long that it makes the First Order look stupid for not having shot her down in all that time).

    9. Maybe iris out to credits after the fade to white when the Falcon is in hypserspace? Would look pretty cool.

    I hope any of that helps! I am a huge fan of you and your work! So looking forward to what you do with this film!


    1. As weird as it is, I also don’t think you should remove Yoda’s scene. Even if it wasn’t executed brilliantly, it is INTEGRAL to Luke’s decision change of heart and decision to go to “go” to Crait. Having the master that formally trained him give him a piece of heart for this decision is so necessary for his arc, even if some of us didn’t like it. Removing this would leave a gaping hole in a story that is already full of holes. Just trim it down to your liking, but I think removing it completely would be a mistake.
      Hope this helps! 🙂


    2. Thanks for all of your thoughtful ideas Daniel! I’ll respond to each as they were laid out.
      1) Because they are saying spark, I’d not want to put that in the title. Your thoughts on Fate vs Legacy have merit and I’ll do some serious reflection on this. I will be making a few different crawls featuring The various popular title iterations that editors/viewers can mux into the movie themselves. As if right now I feel Legacy is more applicable as the story only briefly has Luke saying the Jedi should end. Everything else he does is promoting the Legacy of the Jedi by training Rey. It’s the same with Kylo. He talks about letting go of the past and the Sith, but he just does what every other sith does, seek for power. I’ll keep thinking about it though.

      2) I’d like to think Boyega is a good actor and just got the shirt end of the stick dialogue wise and character wise. I’m thinking of a way to possibly open the movie with Finn, Rose and the slicer attacking Snoke’s ship in an attempt to finish off the First Order. I didn’t think it will work as Holdo’s maneuver is ultimately what allows them to escape from what I remember. I suppose that could remove Leia in space and get us to Crait alot faster. I’ll probably have to cut all of his stuff.

      3) Hux was without a doubt the worst written and acted character in this movie. He will receive a very heavily edited treatment.

      4) In all honesty, I didn’t care for Fischer’s performance in this movie. I’ll most likely push the bridge scene back and see if I can out it near the end. It was a realistic way for her character to end. Not sure why Johnson did what he did with her character.

      5) I also thought this was a poor decision. I get that it was a misdirection, and it was decent at that, but its resolution was very poor. The slicer should have been with them and been the First Order spy that they implied.

      6) Sorry, it was art for art’s sake. I’ll be removing it.

      7) Didn’t get the feminist vibe you are taking about. She’s a woman and the future of the Jedi. Some of my favorite bosses, coworkers and human beings are women. I like the flow of that scene as far as I remember it.

      8) I’ll have to reanalyze that scene. I only watched it once. Visually I don’t like his throne room with all of its red fabric. That’s what I remembered most of his throne room.

      9) I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Star Wars. It will be a Iris from the previous shot into a star field with text.

      As for Yoda, I need to watch this again to see what I might want to salvage. I really think we only saw him to help us accept Luke moving on from the corporeal existence and enter into the Force. His crazy antics will definitely be trimmed.

      Again, I really appreciate the time you out into your thoughts. I’ll definitely give them second, third and as many as needed to make sure I’m making the best editing decisions. You’ve given me a lot to think about and I thank you for that 🙂


  4. If you’re using material from TFA to cut in with Rey meeting Luke on the island, see if you can color correct the shots to fix the weather changes. There was an inconsistency with the color grading due to the TFA scene shot on a cloudy day and TLJ scene shot in bright daylight


  5. I love star wars (Rogue One, 4-6, 7 & 8), with that said i was annoyed by just the scenes you mention AND the silly bombs that fall downwards in space (?!??)…
    i love to see this edit and hope you add propulsion to the fallingscene mentioned abowe or recut it so the bombs doesnt fall as much…


  6. The home release of TLJ will include 14 deleted scenes (obviously some must be in very rough condition) but will you consider in adding those who contribute to the plot? As you did with Heir to the Force and Kylo’s visit to the falcon.


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