Star Wars – The Original Trilogy (One Death Star to Rule Them All)

What if the Death Star didn’t fully explode at the end of A New Hope?

death star half eplosiondeath star half eplosion aftermath.png

What if the Rebel Fleet was seen fleeing at the end of A New Hope?

rebels escaping Yavin.png

What if the Death Star in RotJ was the repaired Death Star from A New Hope?

Image result for death star 2

Enter the One Death Star cut of The Original Trilogy


  • Remove the Death Star blowing completely up in A New Hope
  • Add shots of the Rebellion fleeing at the end of A New Hope
  • Attempt to add dialogue about the Death Star Repairs into ESB
  • Remove references to the Death Star in RotJ being new
  • Present the edit in a TV format with 30-45 minute episodes


  • Official Blu Rays
  • Harmy’s Special Editions
  • Adywan’s Revisited Star Wars

8 thoughts on “Star Wars – The Original Trilogy (One Death Star to Rule Them All)

  1. This is absolutely amazing!! I LOVE this idea more than I can describe.

    When I first watched Star Wars when I was younger, I thought the Death Star in ROTJ was, in fact, the Death Star from ANH. This idea makes it more realistic (how could they build another Death Star in 4 years when the first one took 19 years? They lost a lot of man-power in ANH).

    This ups the stakes for the trilogy, and keeps the plot point of a Death Star fresh. Now, Starkiller Base is the 2nd model instead of the 3rd one. Three times would become very old, but this One Death Star Trilogy would keep things fresh.

    I ADORE this!! When would you keep having this finished?


    1. Well, this is more in the ideas stage as I have an outstanding project that I need to attend to as well as TLJ arriving later this month. So this may or may not be something I get to by the end of the year. It all depends on life. Thank you for your enthusiastic support! 🙂


      1. You’re very welcome. I just wanted to mention how much I love the idea of this. I think it is what should have happened if the trilogy was planned out better, but so is life. **IF** you do get to this project by 2018, then I will be both thoroughly impressed and first in-line. 🙂 Until then I eagerly await your TLJ edit.

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  2. Do you intend to have anyone survive the explosion that cripples the Death Star? Tarkin, maybe throw in a little Rogue One?

    Also (a suggestion) when Darth Vader tells Palpatine “The Death Star will be completed on schedule,” you could take a clip of Vader saying “Prepare” which he says numerous times. Trim out the “P” and replace “complete” with it. “The Death Star will be repaired on schedule.”


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