The Matrix (Made For TV Edition)

matrix MADE FOR TV.png

For years people have debated about the R-rating for the Matrix. By today’s standards, the Matrix is rather tame as an R-Rated flick. This edit looks to present the Matrix as if it were a made for tv movie.
The edit is also an exercise in improving my ability to edit and modify unwanted dialogue without it being distracting to the audience. This edit will not include reinvented cursing ala TBS versions of the movie(s).
I plan to do like similar made for tv edition treatments to Reloaded and Revolutions.

Other Notes:
While editing this, I noticed that much of the center channel is clean and therefore allows for creative rescoring with relative ease. I’ll be experimenting with using more traditional Japanese drums and Davis’s orchestrated music during the Dojo spar and Lobby scenes. I’m also looking at removing the Rob Zombie dingy club music.

Edit List:

  • Removed extreme green tint from the movie using color corrector
  • Added a Brightness & Contrast filter to add definition to the film
  • Removed sargent’s crude remark to agent Smith
  • Removed Trinity’s cursing after taking out the cops and talking on the phone with Morpheus
  • Removed Neo’s cursing when his computer talks to him
  • Removed Troy’s reference to deity
  • Cut underground club pan through. Now the scene begins with the camera on Troy and his group followed by a close up of Neo as Trinity approaches him
  • Removed Neo’s reference to deity in club
  • *Center track is music free so I may rescore the club scene to remove Rob Zombie’s song*
  • Removed Neo’s cursing when he wakes up late
  • Removed Neo’s cursing when he talks with Morpheus and is attempting to escape the building
  • Removed Trinity’s cursing when she sees Neo taken into custody
  • Removed Neo’s talking about and giving the finger to agent Smith
  • Removed Neo’s cursing and reference to deity when he is getting debugged
  • Shortened up Neo’s flush ride and added water overlays when he falls out of the tube
  • Removed Tank’s reference to deity when talking to Neo before training scene
  • Removed Tank’s cursing during pretraining scene. Added a modified shit of Neo looking at Tank to help avoid a jump cut during Tank’s dialogue
  • Removed Neo’s cursing during first upload scene
  • Removed Mouse’s reference to deity during the Morpheus Neo sparring training
  • Removed Cipher’s cursing during scene where Neo startles him
  • Removed Mouse’s digital pimping lines
  • Blurred Switch’s shirt
  • Removed Neo’s reference to deity in the car
  • Removed Mouse’s centerfold scene and Tank’s call that Morpheus and crew were arriving
  • Removed cursing from the the car accident scene and following scene when Cipher attempts to murder the whole crew
  • Cut security guard’s curse before Neo takes him out in the lobby
  • Cut Neo spitting blood during Smith duel and Trinity’s cursing as Smith is “killing him”
  • Removed ohone theft victims cursing and Neo’s cursing to Tank on the phone
  • *Recoloring wall to lessen focus on the bloody wall*
  • Rescored ending scene to close with Don Davis’ score. Added Davis’ score to credits and removed credit noise

iTunes Matrix Trilogy HD (1080p)
Matrix soundtracks
Stock green screen water footage

Vegas 14 Pro Edit (Thank you Spence!)
Gimp (poster, case, disc art)
Tuneskit & TuneMobie (drm removal)
Mp4Box (demuxing)
HeadAC3He (ac3 to wav)

Release Formats:
MP4 1080p 5.1

Thanks to theryaney for creating this YouTube RED styled FE logo

Here are two clips of the color correction I’m working on.


The idea is to remove the green hue and unify the movie with a warmer visual approach. This resulted in three separate video tracks with 3 separate color correction treatments. Instead of using Vegas’ built in CC and Secondary CC, I’ve decided to tackle the job using the Color Curves and Color Balance plugins. Color Curves was used on The Matrix video track, and Color Balance was used on the Construct and Real World video tracks.


5 thoughts on “The Matrix (Made For TV Edition)

    1. Hello Jonathan, thanks for your interest. Most of the edit is complete. I’m currently changing it into a ~30 minute episodic show and finalizing the color regrade. The obligations of life and parenthood have superseded the project lately. My plan is to finish this before jumping full on into The Last Jedi.

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