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Blog ideas

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site by visiting, contacting, critiquing, and sharing the posts and projects I’ve undertaken. We’ve reached over 2,000 visits and so I wanted to expand the scope of this blog and branch out to include other areas of focus within the realm of digital media. I’m hoping […]

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Heir to the Force wins Fanedit of the Month

A HUGE thank you to everyone who encouraged, inspired and shared positive vibes during the creation of this edit. Your supports were felt all the way through the process and helped me to complete this. Thank you! 🙂 DigModiFicaTion Wins FEOTM May/June 2017 – — (@Fanedit_org) August 31, 2017

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No Moe Intro – A Rise of the Rebellion tweak

Rise of the Rebellion now has two versions for you to enjoy. The newly available “No Moe Intro” is inspired by a user at It removes the introduction scenes of Cassian and Bodhi and follows Jyn all the way to Yavin. This removes approximately 3-4 more minutes of footage. Visit for more information and to […]

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Rise of the Rebellion: RELEASED

Rise of the Rebellion is now complete and available to view for those who own the original movie. There are two options for viewing: 15gb 1080p MP4 file (stream/download) BD-25 with menus and scene selection *Both will feature a 5.1 surround track. If you own the original source and would like to view this edit, please […]

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SW ESB:R Released!

  It’s here! The day you’ve all been, or should have been, waiting for 🙂 Adywan has released Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Revisited. This editor has spent a decade working on this sure to be fantastic edit. His original Star Wars Revisited is the bests fanedit I have ever seen […]

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New Posters and Case Art

As I’m getting ready for the release of Rise of the Rebellion, I’ve worked on a couple of new poster, BR case art, and disc art. I’ve also updated the artwork for my Heir to the Force edit. Special thanks to Blake Armstrong over at Spaceboy Comics for allowing me to use his awesome artwork! […]

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1,000+ Visits

I wanted to take this time to express gratitude to everyone who has dropped by to show support, interest, or who has just been curious. Thank you! As a token of gratitude, here is the trailer for my upcoming edit of Rise of the Rebellion

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